Someone Was Stealing Gas From Bikers. They Weren’t Expecting This To Be The Culprit!

It’s not uncommon for thieves to steal other peoples’ gas straight from their vehicles when prices at the pump are high. What is pretty rare, however, is for the culprit to not even be human. Bikers in Panipat, India, who work as merchants at Insaar Bazaar recently got fed up after finding their motorcycles drained of […]

15 Absolutely Terrible Life Tips That Are Sure To Set You Up For Failure

For practically every snag we run across in life, there’s a handy tip to make things easier. But while there are plenty of “life pro tips” out there, not all of them are equal in their usefulness. For every great piece of advice, there’s bound to be a terrible one that ends up making […]

15 Times Pets Scared Their Owners Into Believing They’re Evil Geniuses

Some people say that animals are stupid, but those of us who live with them know that really isn’t true. In fact, sometimes it’s a little scary to realize smart they can actually be. For example, my sneaky dogs know that they aren’t allowed on the couch, but when nobody’s around, it’s a different […]

13 Designers Who Have Clearly Never Had To Use A Public Restroom In Their Lives

Most public restrooms look exactly the same. That’s for a reason: we’ve found something that works and we should stick with it. Whether it’s a single room in a small location or a multiple stall restroom, we know what we expect when we have to use it in public. Unfortunately some people didn’t really […]

If This Trend Continues, Athletes May Never Break Another World Record Again

Athletes around the world constantly amaze us with the incredible things they can do with their bodies. Ever since (and before) the modern Olympics Games began in 1896 and the International Association of Athletics Federations started recognizing world records in 1912, professional athletes have been pushing themselves to their limits and making increasing difficult […]

Dating App Reveals America’s Most Hated Foods By State, And They’re Oddly Specific

Most dating apps aim to pair you with people who like the same things you do. That’s where this particular app differs from the rest. Launched in February, Hater boasts itself as being “the first dating app that matches people on the things they hate.” Like with Tinder, uses can swipe to answer whether […]

People Thought There Was A Ghost In This Video, But Here’s What’s Really Going On

It seems like every day there’s a new paranormal video waiting to go viral. Whether it’s an old, abandoned hospital, or a suburban family’s house, the spirits just seem to be out in full force. And since it’s Halloween, it’s important to know that everything you see isn’t always what it seems. And while […]

See stunning before and after shots of coral reefs as ocean temps rose by only 2 degrees.

This is what it looks like when a piece of coral dies. This is a phenomenon known as coral bleaching, now captured in the award-winning documentary “Chasing Coral.” To get these impressive shots, a team of photographers, divers, and scientists traveled the world to capture time-lapse photographs of coral bleaching events. “The beauty with […]

This girl can see through people’s bodies!…

This girl can see through people’s bodies! READ MORE Source

This hilarious ad for a 1996 Honda is the perfect commentary on materialism.

When Carrie Hollenbeck needed to sell her 1996 Honda Accord, with over 140,000 lifetime miles on it, having a filmmaker boyfriend paid off. Big time. Max and Carrie. Photo used with permission Max Lanman had the idea to produce an actual commercial to advertise his girlfriend’s jalopy. But this wouldn’t be some low-budget production for […]

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”Wolves love sheep……

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”Wolves love sheep… #ArmYourselfWithTruth #FreeYourMind #SelfEducate #Religion Source

We Just Found Something Very Disturbing Inside The Deepest Sea Creatures On Earth

It should come as no surprise now that plastic is being found in every corner of the Earth. From the North Poleto the deepest parts of the planet. It doesn’t make it any less sickening though, and the revelation that plastic has been found in the stomachs of sea creatures in all six of the […]

Throughout history “government” has proven to be amongst the greatest threats and dangers to the common people…Right?

Throughout history “government” has proven to be amongst the greatest threats and dangers to the common people…Right? Source

Woman Has Half Her Faced Paralyzed After Dentist Injected Her with a Strong Dose of Painkiller

Painkillers are essential in minor surgical procedures to help patients manage the pain of being sliced open. This is commonly administered by doctors in the right doses, but there times when they give a little too much. After coming from the dentist, a woman filmed herself with half of her face paralyzed when she […]

Woman Takes Revenge on Lazy Boyfriend By Ruining His ‘Call of Duty’ Game Sesh with Leaf Blower Gun

When gamers get their hands on the latest release of their favorite game, they say goodbye to the real world and spend hours just sitting in front of their TV, deliberately ignoring all the important stuff. But this kind of behavior didn’t sit well with one woman who had her boyfriend glued to his PlayStation […]

Sassy Little Girl Isn’t Too Sure About the Whole Idea of Santa Clause’s Existence

Now that the holidays are drawing near, kids from around the world will once again go crazy over the belief that Santa Clause will be giving gifts to all the nice ones. But there is one little girl who just doesn’t buy it. While believing in Santa Clause can help kids behave throughout the year, […]

Mom Rushes In And Drops Lifeless Child, But The CCTV Captures Strangers Performing A Miracle

A desperate mom rushes into a supermarket, clutching her unconscious child, panic spread throughout the store as the child seemed to be dying. But things got worse when the mother suddenly ran out of the store and left her child. The video shows the shocked customers who were left to save a dying toddler. […]

Shocking Moment Connecticut Cops Beat Boy, 18, Before Threatening His Mother As She Screamed ‘Don’t Hurt My Son!’

A group of police officers including a female cop from Connecticut have been placed on administrative after they were caught on video roughing up an 18-year-old man during an arrest and then threatening his mother who was filming the violence. Video, shot by 18-year-old Aaron Kearney’s mother clearly shows the officers surrounding the teen […]