Day: July 5, 2017

Who (or what) do you think made these giant tunnels? …

Who (or what) do you think made these giant tunnels? MORE INFO: Source

This App Uses Neuroscience to Fight App Addiction (I Tried It)

iStock/Georgijevic Technology can be addictive. I got to a point where I felt like I needed to check my phone even though I’d only checked it five minutes before. While I knew that didn’t make sense, I still checked it. I was frustrated with myself. But what I didn’t know was that the feeling I was […]

Egyptian Study Confirms Autism is Caused by Mercury in Vaccines

Egyptian scientists discover not so shocking problem with American vaccines.  In Egypt, a team of nine scientists from prestigious Egyptian medical schools and universities have found that one in every 50 children in America have metabolic brain disease, and it could be a result of the mercury contained in vaccines. How was this found?  Mercury […]

SMH: Brooklyn Mother Of 3 Doesn’t Work Because She’s “Proudly Raping The Government!”

Brooklyn Mother Of 3 Doesn’t Work Because She’s “Proudly Raping The Government!” source

The 4 Reasons Melanie Griffith's Body Defies the Laws of Biological Aging

Image via Melanie Griffith/Instagram In 1988, Melanie Griffith stunned moviegoers everywhere with her riveting performance in “Working Girl.” Fast forward to 2017 and the people are going wild for Mel again—this time, for her gloriously toned abs and svelte figure, which she credits to celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Peterson, who’s also worked with Sofia Vergara […]

Sun-Worshippers Built This Massive Altar 3,000 Years Ago | National Geographic

Archaeologists in northwest China excavated a 3,000-year-old altar used to worship the sun. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world’s premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what’s possible. […]

7 Ways Chicago is Becoming the New Beacon of Sustainable Food

iStock/Sjo Chicago is undergoing a foodie revolution. From passing the nation’s largest soda tax to exploring new and intriguing options for local food, the Windy City is making leaps and bounds to become a beacon of sustainability. Don’t believe us? Here are seven fantastic initiatives the Windy City has undertaken to further the transition to great, […]

The nation’s homeless population includes a suprising number of homeless students — an estimated 1.3 million. Learn about the challenges they face to…

The nation’s homeless population includes a suprising number of homeless students — an estimated 1.3 million. Learn about the challenges they face to get the help that they need. (From KQED Learning and PBS Digital Studios) Source

Danone Sells Stonyfield for $875 Million to Protect WhiteWave Acquisition

Creative Commons/Shutter Ferret Danone has agreed to sell Stonyfield, the world’s largest organic yogurt brand, to French Lactalis for $875 million. The sale is being made in order to address concerns linked to Danone’s acquisition of WhiteWave Foods; the organic company will add competing dairy product lines to Danone’s offerings, including Horizon organic milk and Wallaby organic […]


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A serial criminal shot a female NYPD cop dead in her patrol car in an cold-blooded ambush early on Saturday morning. Gunshots rang out around 12:30am near the intersection of 183rd Street and Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Officer Miosotis Familia, 48, was sitting in her marked vehicle when 34-year-old Alexander Bonds approached and then […]


NEW YORK — Police are mourning NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, who was shot and later died in what authorities are calling an “unprovoked” attack in the Bronx. Fellow officers gave a final salute as the 48-year-old’s body was taken from St. Barnabas Hospital to the medical examiner’s office in Manhattan early Wednesday morning. On Twitter, […]

Beautiful and Elusive: This Bird Is Losing Its Home | National Geographic

Roger Fotso has been a key force in establishing numerous prominent national parks around Cameroon as part of the Wildlife Conservation Society. Today he’s headed just outside the capital city of Yaoundé to the Kala Forest in search of one of his favorite birds, the beautiful and elusive Grey-necked Picathartes. To find this rare rock-fowl […]

Scientists Now Believe the Universe Itself May Be Conscious

As science and philosophy continue to expand, so to do ideas about the universe, and relatedly, the nature of the universe. One recent theory includes the idea that the universe itself may actually be conscious. Among the many recent theories proposed about the nature of the universe (including Elon Musk’s favorite simulation argument, time crystals, […]

Australia’s Highest Ranking Vatican Official Busted for Pedophilia

In an arrest that will shock no one, Australia’s highest ranking Vatican official – and the third most highly ranked official of the Catholic Church in the world – has recently been arrested on pedophilia charges. Cardinal George Pell is not only a high-ranking official in the church, he’s also the Vatican’s treasurer, meaning he’s […]

The Genocide That Is Being Ignored by The World

If you need evidence that politicians and the mainstream media pick and choose which oppressive conflicts to cover in order to further geopolitical ambitions, you need only Google “West Papua.” Ever heard of it? Have you ever been sitting at home watching CNN, BBC, or Fox News and heard the news anchor mention West Papua? […]

Bee Venom May Be The Answer to Defeating HIV

Ever wondered why bees are so important to our survival? One of the thousands of reasons is the fact that they help to cure AIDS. “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more men!” — Albert Einstein […]

Germany Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Train That Only Emits Steam

German engineering has long been on the cutting edge – but this new train may take the cake. Called the Caradia iLint, the new train will easily travel up to 500 miles each day, at speeds of up to 87 miles per hour – running only on hydrogen.  The only byproduct of the train’s engine? […]