Can a subway performer make enough to survive? (From Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America)

Can a subway performer make enough to survive? (From Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America)


  • I sure enjoyed listening to the performers in central park! What is the difference between that and people who put on organized concerts? Only organized money swapping and usually a whole hell of alot more money is leaving your wallet for the “stars”. These people can be just as talented. Maybe some of them only want to play for fun and little extra spending money. I enjoyed the subway performers also; beats sitting there listening to trains on the tracks.

  • If people can make a living standing at a street intersection asking for “help”. Surely an actual artist putting on a public performance can.

  • Buskers choose this. It’s hard, the money’s never great. But they get out there. Share the talent they have. Go where the people are. Get some tips. Maybe get a gig or two somewhere too. There’s little money in Music these days. Very talented folks are on the road constantly because tiny streaming pay has robbed them blind. You do Music because you love it, its you, it’s what you do. Smile and say thanks, even if you don’t drop a dollar in the case.

  • A man that had been doing it for years was on Americas Got Talent and is has made it to the live shows. Will be performing this coming week!

  • Does he pay taxes?

  • Dont care
    Doesnt pay doesnt pay
    Perhaps it should be valued
    So should so much more imo
    Nobody cries for all that.

    On your own
    dont give a crap for hypocrites and their contradictions

    Joshua bell didnt make any money busking
    Yet sells out arenas

    Fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy

    Still fishy

  • Great story though it did not address the title. I think that busking is a courageous job – performing live is not easy. Not everyone is meant to work in a traditional setting. She’s doing what she loves and if you don’t like busking or music in general than don’t listen and/or don’t tip.

  • A begger with a guitar

  • So….does she make enough to survive? She exited from a nice looking building.

  • I saw a story here in Asheville about a busker who made enough to buy a house.

  • What, exactly, is the dream these days ? Anyone ?

  • Hey Heidi there you are I haven’t heard from you in a while

  • wtf? i have never seen this performer. There are at least 100 true artists? this is totally faked. 20 years in Ny city. NEVER seen her . BS!

  • I absolutely love live entertainment! Salute!

  • Love her resilience…

  • Bruno Rizzo de Andrade

  • Awesome! God bless you. Thank you

  • cool

  • Quality buskers can do quite well

  • i love this story.

  • Hopefully no so that this practice will cease.

  • Great title art too!

  • Moving!

  • Lisa Giudici

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