Natural Remedies

Start eating these foods the moment you think you might be losing your hearing

While you may know that certain foods can support better vision, did you know hearing can be improved by changes to your diet as well? Some experts are now saying that nutritional imbalances can be a key factor in hearing loss – and fortunately, some of that hearing loss may be reversible. The following nutrients […]

Why You Should Take Your Apple Cider Vinegar at Night

If you’re here, you’re likely already a fan and believer of apple cider vinegar. And we’re with good news: We have even more reasons for you to love ACV! In addition to balancing pH, increasing good digestive bacteria, and helping regulate weight, ACV can help balance blood sugar. This most recent benefit comes courtesy an […]

Powerful Ginger tea: Dissolves Kidney Stones, Cleanses Liver & Obliterates Cancer Cells (Recipe)

You likely know ginger is a tremendous superfood, but you may not realize just how beneficial it can be – especially in how it boosts digestion, reduces inflammation, and improves immune system function. In particular, ginger is magic because of it’s blend of several essential oils – gingerol, shogaol, and zingerone – which are anti-bacterial, […]

15 Powerful Herbs That Will Kill Infections and Clear Mucus From Your Lungs

Viruses and bacteria kill thousands upon thousands each year – and sometimes, antibiotics not working are part of the problem. If you’re looking for more natural solutions, check out these fifteen powerful herbal remedies that just might save your life! The traditional principles of folk medicine rely on herbal remedies not only boost lung health, […]

Chinese Ancient Remedy That Will Strengthen Your Organs and Activate Your Circulation

+` In natural medicine, many ancient remedies come from Chinese tradition – and this is no different. This drink, though, is especially powerful, and we think you’ll appreciate how it activates blood circulation, improving vitality and helping you fight and prevent disease. For this particular ancient remedy, you need only four ingredients: 1 apple 1 […]

50% of All Colon Cancer Cases Can Be Avoided If We Stay Away from These 9 Things

Colon cancer affects around millions of people in the world. Even though its death rate is not as high as the death rate of other cancers, of course, if the disease is diagnosed timely, newest research has shown that nearly half of colon cancer cases can be prevented with the help of specific measures. The […]

This Blood Test can Detect Stroke in 10 Minutes

Researchers at Cornell University’s Baker Institute for Animal Health are working on a test that could detect a stroke in just 10 minutes, and it requires a tiny drop of blood barely big enough to moisten the fingertip. Stroke is a leading cause of death in the United States, and half of Americans have at […]

Disease-Fighting Herbs That Are Easy To Grow

According to many of us, a garden should be full of flowering and ornamental plants. However, it’s a shame if we are not making an effort to grow some diseases-fighting medicinal herbs in our gardens; mainly because they don’t require much effort. Even if you live in the middle of a bustling city, you can […]

Seattle Passes Soda Tax in 7-1 Vote

iStock/rez-art The Seattle City Council approved a new soda tax last Monday in a 7-1 vote. The new law will add a 1.75-cent-per-ounce tax to the price of sugary beverages in the city as of January 2018. The proceeds from the tax will be used to raise money for healthy food and education programs in […]

10 Best Essential Oils for Sinus Infection

Countless people turn to essential oils for a sinus infection, as many of these powerful oils possess antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant, astringent and decongestant properties. Sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, are defined by inflammation or irritation of the tissue that cover the sinus cavities, which can also become blocked during serious sinus infections. […]

Could Boosting the Immune System Halt Autism and Schizophrenia?

Scientists have for years theorized that the immune system and the brain are more interconnected than previously thought, with findings of recent studies backing this hypothesis. For example, researchers recently discovered there is a physical connection between the immune system and the brain’s blood supply. Now, researchers have recently begun to find out that there may […]

Apple Cider Vinegar- A Natural Remedy For Sinus

Apple cider vinegar is a magic potion with multitudinous health and skin benefits. This thousand-year-old concoction can cure, heal and restore good health. The benefits of apple cider vinegar have been know to us for thousands of years. It is believed that Hippocrates, who is considered as the father of modern medicine, used to prescribe […]

5 Ways to Use Nut Milk Bags (Besides Making Nut Milk)

iStock/AlexPro9500 There’s more to the nut milk bag than its essential role as a filtration device for making homemade nut milk. Surprisingly, the nut milk bag is quite handy and diverse in its applications! Don’t stop at nut milks – get more out of your nut milk bag by using it all around the kitchen. […]

What Are The Differences Between Stock and Broth?

Stocks and broths are flavorful liquids that are used to make sauces and soups, or consumed on their own. The terms are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. This article explains the differences between stocks and broths, and gives instructions for how to make and use each. Broth Is Lighter […]

Diabetes Rates Have Quadrupled in Less than 40 Years

Type 2 diabetes, a serious disease (especially if left untreated) that can result in amputations and lifelong complications, can usually be prevented through healthy diet and exercise, and that’s exactly what needs to happen, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns. The number of people with the condition has quadrupled in less than 40 years, with approximately 422 […]

Fatally Addictive New Painkiller is Being Prescribed to People Who Shouldn’t Receive It – #healthnews

Dangerously addictive painkillers are being prescribed to patients who shouldn’t take take them.   The painkiller is called Subsys and it is 100 times more powerful than morphine. Subsys was approved by the FDA for cancer patients who cannot be relieved by other narcotics alone.   Yet despite the fact that there are very few […]

How To Prepare For A Pet Emergency

If you’re a lucky pet owner, you might not have faced an emergency situation yet, but a majority of people have felt the fright of an emergency situation. You can never predict when a pet will need immediate care, so it’s important to be prepared beforehand. In the case of an emergency, even minutes and seconds can […]

Premature Baby Medically Kidnapped from Loving Parents in Colorado

Baby Yael has spent her whole life in the hospital, and is now in CPS custody. Photo provided by the family. by Health Impact News/ Staff  We just want to raise our daughter. Is that too much to ask? Juanita and TJ Muhl are a Colorado couple who are grieving over Yechezkela, their infant daughter […]