Defense Secretary Mattis Calls NBC Article on Nuclear Arsenal ‘False’ and ‘Irresponsible’
Defense Secretary Mattis Calls NBC Article on Nuclear Arsenal ‘False’ and ‘Irresponsible’

A story published by NBC News on Wednesday claiming that President Trump had sought a tenfold increase in the nuclear arsenal of the United States was dismissed by Defense Secretary James Mattis. The article, which relied entirely on anonymous officials, was published just a week after the network published another disputed article claiming that […]

Men’s 1st contact with porn dramatically impacts how they view women – study

The age at which males are first exposed to porn significantly impacts their attitudes towards women in later life, a new study claims. Research presented at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association claims that the earlier boys are exposed to porn the more likely they are to want power over women. Meanwhile, later […]

‘Killer robot’ ban at UN demanded by Elon Musk & 115 other tech leaders (PHOTOS)

Leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics have signed an open letter calling on the United Nations to ban the use of lethal autonomous weapons, or ‘killer robots,’ similar to the prohibition on land mines, firebombs and chemical weapons. “We need to make decisions today choosing which of these futures we want. […]

Dubai Airport is going to use face-scanning virtual aquariums as security checkpoints

Dubai International Airport has come up with a novel way for departing travelers to clear security: by walking through a virtual aquarium lined with facial recognition cameras. قريبا في #دبي.. ممر ذكي لإنهاء إجراءات السفر في المطارات في 10 ثوان فقط #أسبوع_جيتكس_للتقنية #البيان @GDRFADUBAI @GITEXTechWeek pic.twitter.com/c9cGB1OA76 — صحيفة البيان (@AlBayanNews) October 9, 2017 According to […]

US Customs Vows to Block Imports Made by North Korea Labor

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it is ready to block U.S. imports of seafood — as well as any other goods — produced by North Korean laborers who work in China. An Associated Press investigation tracked salmon, squid and cod processed by North Koreans working at Chinese factories and shipped to American stores, including […]

Man Warns Residents of Alien Invasion in Wyoming City

A Wyoming man told police on Monday, Oct. 2 that he was back from the future and had come to warn the City of Casper of dire things to come. Police responded to a call about a man claiming to be from the future at about 10:30 p.m. and found Bryant Johnson, a man in […]

McDonald’s Manager Arrested for Selling Drugs Out of Cookie Bags at 24 Hour Location

A McDonald’s manager was arrested for selling cocaine while serving food. Authorities arrested him after he sold cocaine to them when the main entrance was supposed to be closed. He would open the counter and seating area after hours to allow drug customers to enjoy their food and buy drugs instead of using the drive thru, […]

iPhone 7 Saves Woman’s Life During Vegas Massacre–By Taking a Bullet

A taxi driver posted a photo of an iPhone that saved a woman’s life during the Las Vegas massacre on Sunday, Oct. 1, Business Insider reported. A photo of the iPhone shows shattered glass and what appears to be impact damage from a bullet. The woman told the cab driver who snapped the photo that it was. […]

Here’s How OJ Simpson Spent His First Day Out of Jail

Convicted felon O.J. Simpson spent his first full day of freedom playing golf, playing on an iPhone, and meeting his daughter Arnelle, Daily Mail reported. Simpson, 70, was released from the Lovelock Correctional Facility on Sunday, Oct.1, after serving 9 years in prison for an attempted armed robbery. The former professional football player had $400,000 waiting for […]

Man Who Covered Woman in Viral Photo Is a US Army Soldier

The man who was photographed covering a woman in a viral Las Vegas massacre photo was identified as a U.S. Army soldier. The picture of Matthew Cobos was snapped by a Getty photographer. He was lying on top of a young woman in an attempt to shield her from the bullets on Sunday night. Cobos […]

10 Simple and Subtle and Easy Things I Do Every Day to Fight White Supremacy

Dear White People screenshot (Netflix) White supremacy is like a wave at sea crashing into a beach—an unstoppable and transformative force, shifting sand, ferrying debris and constructing America’s topographical landscape. This is why, sometimes, you have to do what I used to do when at the wave pool as a kid, when I’d wait for […]

The Spectacle of Donald Trump’s Humiliated Men

Image via Getty. “He loves this country. He puts Americans and America first. He’s smart and he demands results,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said about Donald Trump in a short press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The curious presser came shortly after NBC reported that Tillerson had called Trump a “moron” (later clarified to “fucking moron”) during […]

Don’t judge us for these bizarre and delicious sandwich combos

Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images In How Do You Take Yours?, The A.V. Club solicits staff and outside expertise for secret tips on improving one dish. This week, we’re discussing sandwich combinations that sound strange on paper, but are in fact delicious and worthwhile. Brendan Haren, Coppin’s Restaurant and Bar in Covington, Kentucky I first tried a PB&J burger at […]

Where We Can Stop the Bleeding

Illustration by Jim Cooke/GMG Buying a machine gun is legal in Nevada, but it is expensive. Retrofitting a semiautomatic rifle so that it will fire like a machine gun, on the other hand, is easy, and comparatively cheap. Stephen Paddock was reportedly wealthy enough to afford the former but chose the latter before killing 59 people and […]

15 People Who Need To Stop For A Second And Rethink This
15 People Who Need To Stop For A Second And Rethink This

We’re not philosophers. We like to pretend we’re profound, but it’s a sham. We’re no deeper than a kiddie pool. However, there is one bit of knowledge we’ve gleaned from experience, and it’s that life is a string of successes and failures, ultimately leading to death. Whoa, that got morbid. Sorry, guys. We weren’t trying […]


Sandeep Jain, homeowner and husband in Uttar Pradesh, had strong suspicions of his wife committing violent acts against her family members, and decided to take affirmative action to find out the truth.Jain installed a video camera in his home, and just one week later, caught something flabbergasting on the tapes. According to the BBC, […]

Apparently No One Can Tell The Mother Apart From The Daughters. Can You?
Apparently No One Can Tell The Mother Apart From The Daughters. Can You?

Apparently Natalie, Jazmyne and Tamika Wardell like to post pictures onto social media showing their just super fabulous night life. Going to clubs, going out to dinner but not just to show off how much fun they’re having. It’s also to bewilder anyone willing to pay attention to the fact that ONE of them […]

9 Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Society has taught us to emotionally depend on our partner when, in fact, a stable relationship should include giving space and respecting each other. But love is blind, and we often ignore the signs that a relationship is becoming harmful.Bright Side brings you the warning signs of a toxic relationship. If you identify with […]