For 15 years, wife didn’t know if missing husband was alive or dead. Then on Christmas morning, Santa knocks on the door
For 15 years, wife didn’t know if missing husband was alive or dead. Then on Christmas morning, Santa knocks on the door

Jim McDonnell was the chief letter carrier at the Larchmont, New York, post office for 25 years. His reputation was that of a kind man. He was friendly to all and because he spent many years delivering mail to people in the community, his was a familiar face in the neighborhood.  He married Anne in […]

Texas Prisoners Donate Over $50,000 To Hurricane Harvey Recovery
Texas Prisoners Donate Over $50,000 To Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Hurricane Harvey left thousands along the Texas coastline with water-ruined homes, months of cleanup, and enough hardship to move an unlikely group of people to donate—prisoners. The hurricane, which hit Texas on Aug. 25, killed over 89 people as it dumped 40 inches of rain on Texas over four days. Around 30,000 people fled their homes, many of whom […]

Truck Driver Stops a Carjacking Attempt
Truck Driver Stops a Carjacking Attempt

A local police station in Michigan posted a video of an attempted carjacking, which shows a truck driver coming to the rescue of a woman who had her car snatched while filling up at a gas station. The carjacker approached a silver Chevrolet sedan from the back as a woman was fueling it at […]

10yo metal brace found in woman’s stomach

Doctors investigating an Australian woman’s crippling abdominal pain have found an unusual culprit – a metal orthodontic brace lodged in her gut for at least a decade. Staff at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia were baffled when the woman, 30, showed normal results for blood, liver and kidney function but continued to […]

DNA privacy protection tackled by new encryption technology – study

Scientists have developed an encryption technique to protect sensitive genetic information from possibly being exposed during DNA tests. The discovery of the ‘genome cloaking’ method could vastly improve patient privacy, according to biologists, computer scientists, and cryptographers at Stanford University  who devised the technique. Privacy experts have previously warned of the security risks surrounding DNA testing, saying patients […]

Oldest man’s secret to living for 256 years!

Li Ching-Yuen has lived for 256 years! He was formally congratulated on his 150th birthday in 1827 and again for his 200th birthday in 1928. Throughout his life, Li had 23 wives and around 200 children!  So how did he manage to live for so long? • He began his herbalist career at 10 YEARS […]

NYPD officers treat man to shrimp and broccoli

When two New York Police Department officers came into a Chinese restaurant on July 17 with a man by their side, Edward Ip thought the guy was in trouble. But the officers proceeded to buy the man a meal. They then left the restaurant, located in the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea, to get back […]

How to Stay Safe If You’re Caught in a Mass Shooting

In a perfect world, no one would have to worry about the threat of violence when they go shopping, to work, to school, take public transit, or just go about their daily business. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. The least we can do, among offering tips to help you make the […]

#NotRacists Be Like: The Top 10 Phrases Used by People Who Claim They Are Not Racist

iStock This is not about racists. This is about not-racists. You’ve seen them before: the special class of white people who say racist shit and do racist things but declare themselves the “least racist person you know.” Their racism isn’t always intentional. Sometimes it is a byproduct of privilege, sometimes it is a deflection, and […]

How to Be Emotionally Correct, With Sally Kohn

This week we spoke to Sally Kohn: political commentator, columnist, and one of our leading progressive voices. Listen to The Upgrade above or find us in all the usual places where podcasts are served, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and NPR One. Please subscribe, rate, and review! What we discussed in this episode: The Comey hearing Reorienting ourselves […]

How to Find Real Love, With Sharon Salzberg

Image via Sharon Salzberg This week on The Upgrade we spoke with author and meditation instructor Sharon Salzberg. Sharon Salzberg is one of the people who brought Buddhist meditation and mindfulness practice to the West and into mainstream culture. She co-founded the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and is the author of nine books, including […]

The story behind this viral photo shows why mom-shaming needs to stop.

It was just one tiny fraction of a moment, captured in time. And it didn’t look good. Back in 2016, a man in a Colorado airport took a photo of a mom browsing her cellphone, her young infant squirming on a blanket on the ground in front of her. His original post (which has since been removed) […]

This Nurse Uses His Special Gift To Help Patients Cope With Pain

You will absolutely love this video. This video is about a man who is better known as the ‘singing nurse’. It is people like him who are the true living examples of compassion, empathy and people who have incredible healing qualities. Jared Axen is a beautiful man who does not only help the patients […]

There’s Something Fundamentally Upsetting About These Kids Doing Grown Up Things
There’s Something Fundamentally Upsetting About These Kids Doing Grown Up Things

Your four year old has just returned from school and you are excited to know what all he has learnt. How would you react if he spews all sorts of curse words at you? How stunned would you be! But relax; what your son knows may not be as bad as what these little […]

Incredible Moment Captured When A 40-Year-Old Woman Hears For The First Time
Incredible Moment Captured When A 40-Year-Old Woman Hears For The First Time

  Imagine being able to hear for the first time after being without the sense of hearing for decades. How would you feel? Would you have words to describe the sensation of hearing a human voice for the very first time in your life? Joanne Milne, who suffers from the rare condition, Usher Syndrome, […]

This Man Was Advised Chemotherapy To Cure Colon Cancer. He Refused & Found A Cure For Himself!

This guy with colon cancer told was he has maximum of 5 years to live if he doesn’t go for chemotherapy. He refused, 8 years on he is still alive and is totally cancer free. Source link

Teacher Gets A Shock When She Opens This Boy’s File. This Is Heartbreaking.

Teachers have a great responsibility of shaping up the future of children. These adults can even influence the personalities of children at a tender age with their approach and mold them into better citizens of a country. Many influential celebrities of the modern era owe their success to that teacher, who nurtured the idea […]

Pamela Anderson’s "Strange" Video Tribute To Hugh Hefner Has Divided Her Fans

Pamela Anderson has posted a tribute to Hugh Hefner on her Instagram in response to the news of his death, in the form of a short video.  The 50-year-old Baywatch star’s close relationship with Hugh Hefner captured audiences all over the world back in the late 90’s and early noughties. She was known as one of […]