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1,069 dancing robots break Guinness World Record in China (VIDEO)

A cluster of 1,069 robots set a new Guinness World Record for the most humanoid machines dancing simultaneously. The synchronised machines pulled off the jaw dropping performance in Guangzhou, Guangdong, breaking the previous held record of 1,007 bopping bots. The dynamic show was created by Chinese company, WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, which programmed the robots, […]

North Korean Hackers Reportedly Stole US & South Korea War Plans
North Korean Hackers Reportedly Stole US & South Korea War Plans

North Korean hackers may have stolen a trove of documents from South Korea including plans to assassinate communist dictator Kim Jong Un. South Korean lawmaker Rhee Cheol-hee, who sits on the defense committee, confirmed that the hack happened to BBC. The hackers stole 235GB of documents, 80 percent of which are yet to be identified. The […]

For The First Time In History, Something Just Came Out Of A Black Hole And It Was Pretty Big!

The mention of black hole makes me curious, may be because it is shrouded in mystery. The enigmatic aura which surrounds the concept is enough to make one feel uncanny; the propositions that the black hole engulfs anything that comes in its gravitational field, is scary. What if I someday come within its radius […]

Select Your Nose Shape and We’ll Tell You About Your Personality

Every day we look at our faces in the mirror, but we never even begin to consider that the shape of our noses can reveal more about us than we know ourselves.This was the conclusion that Avraham Tamir, an academic from Ben-Gurion University, came to.We have already tested his observations on ourselves, and now […]

10 Natural Moisturizers to Treat Dry Skin

10 Natural Moisturizers to Treat Dry Skin A dry skin appears lifeless and dull due to insufficient moisture. On the other hand, a skin that is well hydrated glows and demonstrates a healthy look. Prolonged dryness of the skin causes wrinkles to develop at an early age. Wrinkled, dry, and rough skin makes you […]

4 Ways to Speed Your Recovery as an Injured Athlete

4 Ways to Speed Your Recovery as an Injured Athlete Whether you are a professional athlete training for the Olympic Games or an amateur who plays soccer with a local group of like-minded people several times a week, an injury can you to wonder if you’ll ever be back in top-performance shape again. Although […]

Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep
Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

How you feel during your waking hours is almost always directly affected by the sleep you had the night before. For good reason: sleep plays an important role in our physical health and emotional wellbeing. A lack of sleep can cause increased blood pressure, fatigue, obesity, and even depression, while adequate sleep can result in […]