General Store Owner Unleashes A Hail Of Gunfire On Three Would-Be Robbers Who Try To Hold Him Up

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a convenience store owner whips out his gun from behind the counter and starts shooting at a group of armed robbers. The footage shows three men with hoods over their heads enter Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana, one with a gun outstretched in his hands. The would-be robbers appear to threaten the man behind the counter, the store’s owner Frank Issa.

At one point in the video, one of the men hoists himself on top of the counter an points his gun towards the back, seemingly trying to get the attention of one of the employees. Issa’s brother though was able to distract the suspects, giving him a moment to dive behind the counter and grab his own gun. In the video he can be seen rising from behind the counter with his gun in his hands before quickly firing several shots at the men.


They appear to dodge being struck critically and can be seen running out of the store. Issa said he believes he hit one of the men in the stomach and the other in the arm.

General Store Owner Unleashes A Hail Of Gunfire On Three Would-Be Robbers


Sheriff William Earl Hilton told the news station that one of the suspects is in the hospital, and that the other has been treated and released to his parents, suggesting that he is underage. Police are still searching for the third suspect, who could not be seen on camera in the store and who was not shot.

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