If you’re scared after listening to these sounds, imagine how I felt making this compilation video……

If you’re scared after listening to these sounds, imagine how I felt making this compilation video…
What do you guys think? #aliens
Sounds: NASA


  • Is this on YouTube? Would love to use these for sound design

  • How can these sounds be converted ?

  • How are they making sound?

  • If aliens were to communicate with us it would sound something like this. And our signal to them would sound just as weird.

  • I thought these are an ambulance’s sairen of differnet planets

  • Saturn sound is the coolest one like a horror movie background score

  • Star wars pirated the sound of universe

  • So beautiful sound….universe and beyond….so much to discover

  • I love these sound

  • UFO sounds

  • Sounds like static, rushing winds, falling rocks, morse code, breath, metal moving across metal, things flying past other things…lots of weird sounds. Interesting.

  • Were these “radio emissions” being received FOCUSED radio emissions or was the receiver a BROAD SPECTRUM emissions receiver? It matters.

    These sounds sound computerized in codes/patterns of 1’s and 0’s – most closely reassembling that of cellular phones using pulse in the old days of dial tone.

    Who recorded these sounds?
    What equipment was used to pickup these sounds?
    What software/hardware was used in translating the received signals into audible signals?
    What computer did the deciphering?
    What location(s)/coordinates was the receiver positioned at physically when it recorded these sounds?
    What team/organization made the initial discovery?
    Who/what entity funded this endeavor?
    If funded, who are they affiliated with?

    I’d also refer to physicists, quantum physicists, sounds expert, computer science expert, experienced sound engineers & Grant Masaru Imahara yo look at this for verification.

    Sorry guys, seems far fetched & astronomically impossible to me. Somehow, I’m not buying this until the questions are answered first.

  • Amazing! Wait till the second coming of Jesus Christ then you going to hear terrifying sounds! Forsure!

  • Clearly they are not that scary if the video tells you what the sound is. I think if we couldn’t determine the sound then I suppose it could be scary to us!

  • Would it be effective by high frequency and asteroids due to high iron that bounce back from the radio satellite?

  • Reminds me of Startreks,Star Wars Star Troopers…or should i say This movies remind Nasa to make Sounds/Noise.

  • Can anyone answer my question?

    When did time began?

    If God created this Universe, then who created god, every Creator has its Creator and the chain goes on?

  • Thought there wasn’t any oxygen in space

  • One of sounds reminds me of the movie “Pitch Black” vin diesel..

  • Could be from anywhere and added to this video

  • I would love to hear the sound of the sun or a supernova.

  • Most of the sound was like electrical interference of radio frequency except for 1 sound I heard.

  • that’s where they got those 50’s Sci Fi movie effects!

  • U must be playing video games on Amateur level,

    I love those sounds…

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