On the Washington Week Extra: In addition to his remarks about North Korea, President Trump also made other notable comments this week.

On the Washington Week Extra: In addition to his remarks about North Korea, President Trump also made other notable comments this week.


  • His silence on the situation in Charlottesville is deafening. He supports his base of despicables.

  • Ppl take things WAY to seriously! He is NOT dumb! He is joking 1/2 the time to basically see what kind of a rise he can get out of those who don’t “get’ him! I think it’s hilarious! It’s like watching him play fetch with all the politically correct! If all the haters would just leave him the hell alone… This would all stop! He wouldn’t have to tweet so much and defend himself. You keep complaining and whining about him- he’s gonna fight back! Wouldn’t YOU if you were the hunted ? And if he was as dumb as u all say…how’d he become a billionaire? R all of u billionaires? Not to mention.. he had said hundreds of times that these decisions he makes go through many military and other experts before any choice is made! Come on ppl! Stop complaining, stop panicking & spreading rumors / stories with no proof. Instead, let the man do his job! Go LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW! Bc according to you and the media.. WW3 is coming and he is the devil….So u better get off social media and start living !! ?. All this complaining on Social media does is upset you and stress u, which takes YEARS off your life,! If u hate Trump so bad… Are u willing to take years off ur life stressing over all this? Bc honestly are u REALLY gonna change anything? NO!
    Hoping u all find peace. Because world Peace can ONLY happen if it starts with YOU and ME. ????

  • Well thank goodness someone spoke up rather then bowing and paying billions to a Dictator to appease him. Like our President said. He feels that we haven’t been tough enough. This Dictator in N. Korea isn’t saying much lately is he? I would say. China is well aware that Trump is serious. And if Kim Un decides to get brave again and lash out in his delusional way and threaten the USA again. Or if he shoots his missles at Guam. I would say that he will learn right away if our President is serious? And thank God we have a President who fights and wins for the People of America. That’s what a real leader does!

  • Every one of these panelists are so lefty

  • It’s good that you frightened leftists can talk about your feelings. That’s the first step to growing the hell up.

  • Just when you think he’s done or said the dumbest thing yet, he goes one better! Sounds like a second grader playing with a cap gun, but he’s playing with nuclear warheads! Please. God help us!

  • there wasn’t even a hint of a smile like he was joking but they will most likely be reassigned or go on unemployment so he’s not going to save much.

  • Sarcasm is not always a good choice. In the case of Presidential statements, it’s never a good choice.

  • Every comment #45 makes is notable——notably inappropriate, uninformed, rude, outlandish, disgusting.

  • Yes trump really is that stupid.

  • You are no Gwen Ifill

  • Media maintaining the status quo!

  • If by notable you mean stupid…

  • All ridiculous

  • When you realize Putin values you more than your president, that must suck.

  • Banking and tax records? Contact the IRS.

  • Gonna shut t f up

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