Mark Penn Says Obama Needs Another Oklahoma City Bombing To ‘Click’ With the Country

When they start talking about Obama needing a terrorist attack in order to ‘click’ with the people… BUCKLE UP!!! source


モスクワの空港で爆破テロ source

Oklahoma city bombing / 911 connection theory…

Terror link not related to islam but to redneckism..were 911 hijackers arab rednecks? source

1993 FBI bombing WTC complex 480p

Rare TV NEWS report about World Trade Center Bombing FBI Foreknowledge. Detailed Report 10 28 1993 CBS source

Path to Paradise – Full Movie

Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing Secret warehouses, basement bomb factories, fake passports. . . It took a lot of work to plan the bombing of the World Trade Center. But under the noses of the FBI and the NYPD, a plan has been devised that will stun the […]

Bombs were planted in the WTC towers long before 911 took place.

No Comments. source

Spiegel TV Neonazi und Stasi-Informant 9 (Dokumentation).flv


Spiegel TV Neonazi und Stasi-Informant 7 (Dokumentation).flv


Osama bin Laden hat den 11.September geil inszeniert┇Islam Interview

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WTC 1993

This video goes with the essay, ‘On the Deep State, Denial, September 11, and Georgie O’ by Allan Weisbecker, at source

Eye witness testimonies of the BOMBS planted inside the WTC towers.

This is not conspiracy theory. This documentary is a collection of , mostly on ground zero, eye witness testimonies of the bombs planted inside the WTC towers, testimonies that never saw the light after getting aired. Google the name of the documentary you can find many places to download it from. source

Conspiracy Files BBC Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Timothy Mc Veigh part #12


The First Bombing of the World Trade Center

Taylor Hall-Masiello’s narrative podcast source

9/11 twin towers footage

NOTICE : This video was produced by “Moccia Studios” , 2010. The audio song in the video “When Im Gone” is the property of the respective copyright holder, all creative credit goes to the respective artists; “3 Doors Down” A tribute to the brave men and women of the New York City Fire Department for […]

WTC 9/11 Live Footage CNN

God Bless America source

Twin Towers Attack [CNN] – 911 Plane crash

No description needed, Footage says it all. Tragic day the world will never forget.!! source

Footage of destrcution from inside wtc building 5 NIST cumulus release 28 Steficek Gary videos

This is incredible footage showing the terrible destruction and damage filmed from with inside wtc 5 with very interesting comments from the blokes filming it most of the damage from inside reveals the extent of the destruction caused by either fire damage and falling sections of the towers hitting it causing floors to collapse leaving […]

FBI Supplies Yet Another Bomb to Terrorist

FBI Supplies Yet Another Bomb to Terrorist – While the Bomb was fake, it is consistent with evidence from the 1993 WTC Attack where the bomb WAS supplied by the FBI in a supposed sting operation and did detonate. Information from the Oklahoma City Bombing investigation shows the same pattern. source