AMPK ACTIVATOR - How It Works And Where To Find The Most Potent
AMPK ACTIVATOR - How It Works And Where To Find The Most Potent




It is an enzyme (EC that plays a role in cellular energy homeostasis. It belongs to a highly conserved eukaryotic protein family and its orthologues are SNF1 and SnRK1 in yeast and plants, respectively. It consists of three proteins (subunits) that together make a functional enzyme, conserved from yeast to humans. It is expressed in a number of tissues, including the liver, brain, and skeletal muscle. The net effect of AMPK activation is stimulation of hepatic fatty acid oxidation, ketogenesis, stimulation of skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake, inhibition of cholesterol synthesis, lipogenesis, and triglyceride synthesis, inhibition of adipocyte lipolysis and lipogenesis, and modulation of insulin secretion by pancreatic beta-cells. From


When AMPK is increased, the body kicks into high gear and functions with youthful vitality. Activated AMPK helps remove excess glucose and fats, burning them for energy instead of depositing them in the belly and elsewhere.57,58To support all this increased fat burning, cells manufacture new mitochondria in a process known as mitochondrial biogenesis.59 These newly created mitochondria burn fuel more cleanly and efficiently than older, worn-out mitochondria,60 resulting in a higher energy output for the entire body.61-63

AMPK-activated cells are generally cleaner, healthier cells. Old cells with decreased AMPK activity tend to become clogged with cellular debris, which reduces their efficiency and shortens their life span. These junk-laden cells accelerate the aging process and contribute to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s7 and Parkinson’s,64 and to the thickening and stiffening of vital tissues throughout the body.65,66

Cells that have been energized by AMPK empty their internal garbage cans of accumulated damaged proteins and then convert these damaged proteins for recycling into healthy new ones.55,67 The result of AMPK re-activation is enhanced efficient cellular activity. Finally, increased AMPK activation can suppress body-wide inflammatory responses such as those produced by excess belly fat.62

Over the last few years, research has shown that it is possible to revitalize AMPK to youthful levels of activity. To date, experiments have shown that increased AMPK activation is associated with:

  • Extended life span by as much as 2030% in animals,
  • Improved glucose uptake in cells, lowering blood sugar,
  • Inhibiting excess fat synthesis and increased burning of stored fat,
  • Reduction of blood triglycerides,
  • Decreased liver fat accumulation and fat-related chronic inflammation,
  • Increased numbers of new, healthy mitochondria.

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