This Is Why You Should Always Check For Cars Before You Cross The Road

If it weren’t for the lightning reflexes of the truck driver, this would have gone down so much worse. The boy had just jumped off a bus with a number of other children when he sprinted across the street, oblivious to the big, red lorry coming his way.

The nail-biting video, taken from a nearby car’s dash cam, shows the lorry honking his horn as a warning. But unable to make it to the other side thanks to the safety barrier, the panic-stricken boy is forced to keep running.



Luckily, the quick-thinking lorry driver manages to slam his breaks and grind to a halt just inches away from hitting the boy.


The boy has to run away from the truck as he can't get past the safety barrier quick enough


Another girl, who had also tried to cross the street, was momentary frozen with fear as she realised the truck was coming towards her.

But she manages to make it back to the other side of the road just in time.

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